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    Getting clicks to your website is only part of the work. Leads that convert to sales are the ultimate objective for a successful Digital Marketing strategy, and with our help your website can not only boost conversions but also turn first time visitors in to repeat buyers.

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    Search Engine


    2020 has thrown many brick and mortar businesses a curve ball with online selling becoming a crucial aspect for business. We work closely with our clients to create your presence in Google organic search with higher rankings, increase your website traffic with relevant customers to improve your conversions, and optimise your website to give you a competitive edge.

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    Google Shopping, Google Ads, Google Remarketing. A good campaign strategy will get your brand in front of the right audience, with a higher engagement and ROI. PPC can be a great option for businesses who have yet to build their organic presence and want to be found in SERPs or for established businesses who want to build on their leads.

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    Domains, Emails and Websites

    We take care of your hosting and the complexities that go with it so you can focus on running your business. A good host is paramount for a website to run successfully, and our hosting supports you in this with a fully managed service and 100% Australian support.

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    A simple and impressively robust system, Wordpress is one of the most popular choices for Australian businesses due to it's ease of use and economical maintenance cost. We design and develop responsive websites constructed to convert your customers and sales. Wordpress is a fitting choice whether you are running an online store or simple CMS pages to display your brand.

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    Shopify offers small and medium business a cost effective way to build an online presence. Growing and maintaining your website requires a team of qualified experts, and we are here to support your website from start to finish.

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    Developing Magento websites since 2011, our team were the first in Australia to specialise in the Magento platform. Magento is an intricate powerful Ecommerce System and with the right development team can bring your online business to the next level.

    With over 50 Magento extensions created and 100's of websites managed, we are experts when it comes to working with this complex and extensive system.

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    Software Development

    Coding is at the very heart of what we do. Over the past 10 years we have developed many extensions and systems such as our own CRM helpdesk system, CMS systems, SEO management software, fast Magento editor system and price scraping. With over 50 years of experience across our team we understand what the best looks like and when you work with us you can expect nothing but the best.

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Management Team

Helping Australian Companies Succeed Online

  • Marc Watts Portrait Shot

    Marc Watts

    Systems Architect

    Marc is a Managing Director in 4 companies experienced in Marketing, Business Building, Hosting Infrastructure, knows more than 40 programming languages and has a keen eye for Conversion Optimisation and Ux.

    From the humble beginnings of writing tens of thousands of lines of code to analysing over 100,000 websites for SEO comparison means, 3d animations and even a writer and director of short films were the catalyst that propelled him to not just learn web development but live web development.

    In Marc's spare time, he loves wrestling with his two kids and putting a smile on their faces with their unique games such as pillow jumps, arm block and can't get my leg!

  • Samantha Au Portrait Shot

    Samantha Au

    Project Manager

    Samantha is our brand new Project Manager. We better write something great about her soon.

  • Erfan Nourozi Portrait Shot

    Erfan Nourozi

    Marketing Manager
    and Lead Designer

    Erfan is our favourite Kiwi import who has a passion for good design and loves all things digital. He's always trying to keep up with the latest advancements in software, design and tools to help create better designs and improve his workflow. He is well versed in print design but these days is mostly focused on design for social media, digital advertising, websites and UX. With a good business acumen, he understands that good design not only looks great, but can clearly communicate a message and help people find the information they are seeking!

    He enjoys using his skills gained over 10 years experience to help clients achieve their goals and put a smile on their face.

    Being a big foodie, he loves discovering new eat spots and playing some tennis or soccer to burn it all off.

  • Nicole Saunders Portrait Shot

    Nicole Saunders

    Hosting and Social Manager

    Nicole has been with Walking Track Media since day one, and runs our social service. She has been an expert in the social field for a decade, helping clients with all of their branding and community management needs.

    She has a keen eye for detail and a genuine passion for client success, with her favourite task being to put a smile on her clients faces. Nicole takes real pride in knowing every piece of our clients brands and social status, and makes a point of being the friendly and approachable face of a really important part of our business.

    Outside of the many hats she wears at work, Nicole spends her spare time indulging her twin passions of gaming and putting together gourmet hampers.

  • Bjorn DeLima Portrait Shot

    Bjorn DeLima

    Lead Developer

    Bjorn is a Full Stack Developer with more than 10 years experience designing, building and managing websites. He has a wide skillset ranging from website frontend to backend development, with a knowledge of a number of programming languages. An alumni of Swinburne University - his interest in the web began with UI and interface design before he ventured into the world of programming and was forever hooked.

    Bjorn has worked with the systems including Wordpress, Joomla and Magento, as well as frameworks and libraries like Laravel, Codeignitor, VueJS and React. He’s got that rare diverse ability to never be afraid to debug thousands of lines of code at a time, whilst also having the graphic skills to produce elegant and sophisticated designs. We’ve never come across a person with so many talents and proud to have such a unique individual in our company.

    Outside of work, Bjorn spends most of his time between amateur aquascaping and esports (yes its a thing) - hopefully not both at the same time.

  • Aser Marei Portrait Shot

    Aser Marei

    Services and Support Administrator

    Aser is our new Hosting Manager so we'll be adding in his description soon.

Team Members

Specialists in their field

  • Ivvy Portrait Shot


    Graphic Designer

    Ivvy, bringing her fabulous Graphic Design skills to our clients brands, also a National Champion in Taekwondo.

  • Satish Portrait Shot


    Web Developer

    Satish has been working with our team for more than 6 years and is our main Magento developer.

  • Ramji Portrait Shot


    Web Developer

    Ramji is an amazing css and js specialist building many of our Magento websites.

  • Sallyn Portrait Shot


    Data Entry

    Sallyn can enter in hundreds of entries without a single error with her attention to detail.

  • Merlina Portrait Shot


    Seo Specialist

    Merlina has over a decade of experience taking a website from zero to to the top of google.

  • Michelle Portrait Shot


    Copy Writer

    Michelle has been working as a freelance copywriter and proofreader since 2012. During her free time, she loves to paint.

  • Antonius Portrait Shot


    Web Developer

    Antonius is a full stack developer so can handle anything we through at him, backend, frontend or server.

  • Chester Portrait Shot


    Web Developer

    Chester has been building high-converting Wordpress websites with excellent UX & UI for almost 7 years now. He loves learning and developing new skills, playing musical instruments and DJing on weekends.

  • Allan Portrait Shot


    Web Developer

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